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Acid Me in India, 2013 :iconaprelka:aprelka 34 7
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Thanks and Sex and Love :iconaprelka:aprelka 27 1
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Gagarina N 3 :iconaprelka:aprelka 53 2
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____ :iconpievomis:pievomis 33 4
Wyobcowanie i inne dolegliwosci V
Wybrałam prace, które najbardziej mnie poruszają. Niektóre z nich... czuję, jakby były o mnie.
...może opowiadają też o Was?
plus mały rozdział o snach, śnieniu i miłości.
San Gimignano by Jez92 :thumb49234686: Damnation by peewee82 Dreams Are In Slow Motion by peewee82 Robottino e Micromachine by u-n-s-e-e-n coffee-mate by beyondtheskies :thumb107276402: Winter Coat by Hantenshi Coffee Time by Hantenshi :thumb95448921: :thumb94057358: :thumb74526604: :thumb79709678: street angel by freexel Homesick by niavaah :thumb111590969: les petits oiseaux by ChiiiChan Inaction IV by ilsilenzio wrony by britnii :thumb67540009: :thumb112446696: :thumb113101467: Nous sommes d'ici by Viscosa Me, you by silent-waltz :thumb112710376: The Yellow Couch by cradlesongxx :thumb83980381: :thumb98757999: adjustment screen by miss-Alienation :thumb107169674: :thumb107092831: :thumb110833618: :thumb105942651: Choose life 2 by dozhdlivaya
mur by pievomis :thumb679
:iconblackproserpine:BlackProserpine 40 37
Smoke your life
          :thumb102166767:  :thumb101988792:  can i have it like that? by vicious-murder  MARLA by EXtrasoda  :thumb73530216: Exit music by onechristina :thumb92677540:  Let's feed your cancer by xMissTake  Tell everybody I'm your baby by Loving-Memory  I feel I'm growing older by disposable-heroX smoke me...not by soulshivers  :thumb87847110:  sensless by Loving-Memory insetata sa tragi din tigara.. by HoldYourColor  Sleep Deprivation. by Wohooo3  Morning habit by little-ruffy  old habits die hard by zippyrux  :thumb73265320:  MACRO KILLS by KingOfVomit
Smoking Gun by idaniphotography Fight Global Warming Poster 1b by BlakliteGraphics  :thumb110138197: help me by Kandys  A slice of life by douapuncteics cancer cells by Pretty-As-A-Picture  you'll be allright by Loving-Memory :thumb102018565:  :thumb101803379:  Good and gone by Loving-Memory  He'dKillForHer SheWantsHimTo by WildRainOfIceAndFire  :thumb97913465:  Smoking Summer by sevgihan  :thumb91628
:iconssscorpiaaa:SsscorpiaaA 58 63
'Cause you're a lady
Hope you like it :aww:
30 by bluecut dancing to the sun by Fairy-Bluebird :thumb104602966: close encounters by curlytops Yellow by leenaraven konchilis' sni by Eliara ciel un nain by bleuz Dust. by create-illusions :thumb92837645: :thumb94406103: Perfect Time of Day by emmajeanjumpingbean :thumb94280177: ask me by S-t-r-a-n-g-e unias negras by ixchell Piercing II by Coolwooax :thumb87769754: behind the pattern by beberni She and her lil bear-4 by MotyPest Fading beauty by soulshivers legs on wall by lloydhughes k.m. by SnjezanaJosipovic :thumb110340390: :thumb108949996: Mru, mru. by lans-bejbe liss by TroubleNight Z topanok by fogke Golden Wind by foart red no. 6073 by tornados-and-owls :thumb86324523: i chanced upon a gypsy by curlytops why won't you notice me by Pretty-As-A-Picture Yellow by JeanFan I'm only sleeping. by CaitlinWorthington :thumb93170994: secrets. by CarolineZenker Red by imperatorowa keep.quiet by firemisha Hide-and-seek_2 by Katarinka one two three five four by Pretty-As-A-Picture i'm a bad luck woman by muszka jaqueline by raineese to Ash. by zemotion :thumb82078929: :thumb94644387: :thumb92368833: :thumb79502330: :thumb92931352: adultery by NoirFeu Bye, Bye Baby by abandoned-echoes Signora In Red by claudio88
:iconciuky:ciuky 88 39
Beautiful Photography

reach for me by xmarvel Let tomorrow come by krmenxa :thumb110692425:
:thumb102295437: :thumb108739795: m xx 66 by metindemiralay
Eight Months by girltripped Tired of hangin' around by eX-Perience At the River by HisHalfElf I am a world's forgotten boy by mrgone
:thumb74941001: 404 by lenagnl ...T E A S E... by curedphotos
:thumb112848146: mustang by frenetic1amnesic :thumb112657122:
baby let me be by muzeumolbrzymuf :thumb99332480: :thumb56096403: schoko II ... by MoniqueDeCaro
:thumb112798437: :thumb112659095: e l l e by V3Nr3VeNG3
:thumb97960748: more like the moon by micmojo Lady by Alizee103
wtf? by hey-guys :thumb61004928: Crime Scene by arlenephotography but she knows by Lucem
:thumb110020093: Remnants by Winter-Simbelmyne :thumb96160699:
:thumb113078132: m xx 65 by metindemiralay :thumb112544755:
my legs:D by plebsik :thumb94991388: :thumb84490266: Mustang by EatsNoCheese
Long nights allow me to feel. by CarolineZenker letter to hermione by micmojo simple twist of fate by micmojo
:thumb112521245: Tokyo Chain of Lights by xMEGALOPOLISx Walking with Mom by CapturedCosmicDebris
the dress by butterfly-cool soniaaaa by muzeumolbrzymuf m xx 62 by metindemiralay
:iconxmagdax:xmagdax 57 48
fascinating portraits.
''Neticiet tam, ko saka acis. Viss, ko tās rāda, ir ierobežots.'' Ričards Bahs
- un ne vienmēr ko tās rāda ir tas labākais un skaistākais.

Lara3 by korfez our moment now II by robinpika :thumb110704263: :thumb104618752: Dirty ankles by sifu STREET GIRL 1 by NeslihanBAZ :thumb109375084: Bangled by dzchiq :thumb113549325: laughter by lauafer :thumb89075461: :thumb54595040: Dreamin' You by godinc Girl with a bow by play-my-game :thumb87117422: :thumb113762328: cidos by fotografsokagi :thumb67056584: I'll Become Your Rain by Louisalings about longing by saint-isabela empty.temple by AllThatIsThirst .best friend. by Isaeva-me Lenses by LauraWixson Justine by matmoon :thumb112668320: oduvanchik by wasted-photos Don't Speak.. by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me :thumb96696290: portrait no.10791 by lococso Aqua 2 by janati whatever you think of me by wwwdotcom le beaute by glennprasetya gold ... by MoniqueDeCaro White Tulip 04 by protogeny take me away by wwwdotcom :thumb97396443: coiffure award prt2 by Olofwessels early by wwwdotcom :thumb69572317: :thumb7480573
:iconpelekillla:PeleKillla 41 23
renginduru :iconuniquealim:uniquealim 122 10 City grief :iconyd84:yd84 70 6 Unknown :iconmhir:Mhir 334 50 Gangsters23 :iconyd84:yd84 919 42 ULC :iconyd84:yd84 928 97 PAINTING BEHIND THE SCISSOR :iconbogac:bogac 415 130 anais-grey :iconmemelsteak:memelsteak 270 19 Calm Down :iconsachakalis:SachaKalis 23,150 405
Amazing Portraits
Love is like ..... by Maxxboyy:thumb96081542::thumb46276236:princess by Por-fin
:thumb111159259:Winter cold II by SecretEliiNovemberHasCome. by NovemberHasCome:thumb90339543: 
Forbidden Kiss by xm0rphinexcomatose me. by emeraldirisSmoke And Ashes by larafairieI Pray For My Love by Kikiya-ten
Fashionista by pete-aeikoAt a window by PYFFOO by sara85egOutside the Metal Ring by RoxNebres
Red Threads. Unreal girl 2 by GloredelSUMMER LOVIN' by giladsummer, by edlyytamUnforgiven I by SecretElii
...- Eye Cry -... by halaquinn-arcadiasDon't you cry tonight by korny-pnk:thumb100051889:Mannequin. by Aurelie91
 :thumb95966886:i put this in front of me by P0RGfawn by THE-BAT-L0VER 
:thumb112788314::thumb95149857:skerry by PYFF
:thumb90282212:searching for something. by sorrettostardust by CocoaDesert 
:thumb102720390:m xx 41s by metindemiralay:thumb109493436:
:thumb96023566:konchilis' sni by Eliara:thumb111071196:
Calm Down by SachaKalisThere must Be Something by TikiLlanesAura by dojoh 
The Wild Roses by CameraDudeFreefly to Neverland Retro by sevgihan:thumb94410390:
:thumb99585963:..Cigarette.. by sabbbriCAbirthday_kid : doomgunu cocuu by falname 
The sky by PYFF1 by saoriiina:thum
:iconlintu47:Lintu47 41 61
wait for me :iconrosiehardy:rosiehardy 1,716 99



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